Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Intruders (1992 movie)

I wrote about this on The Secret Sun recently. It's worth watching for about the first half hour, then watcher beware. But it's an interesting curio for X-Files fans. Not only did Gordon and Gansa shamelessly lift the opening scene for 'Fallen Angel' but Chris Carter seemed to learn that building a drama around hypnosis sessions is deadly.

Unless of course the abductee testimony becomes a soundtrack for a killer reenactment, as Carter did when he directed the mind-blowing 'The Red and the Black' in Season Five, which featured Scully's session recalling the encounter with the faceless men (another riff borrowed from Intruders). Carter's 'Duane Barry' also leavened the testimony with interesting visuals, giving the viewer something to latch onto.

Later abduction dramas forgot Carter's "show, don't tell" lesson. I'm thinking of the turgid and inert The Fourth Kind in particular. It's rather embarrassing to see lumberjacks screaming like schoolgirls when the viewer has no tangible idea what they are afraid of.

It's also why abduction material has become somewhat radioactive in UFO research again. People were interested in the topic but never got anything to look at, anything tangible to evaluate. Which may be why the abductee community reminds me so much of a modern Mystery cult these days. Esoteric in the classic sense of the word; exclusively for the initiates, impenetrable to everyone else.

Maybe that's the idea.