Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Robbie Graham on the Hyper-Real

Silver Screen Saucers blogger Robbie Graham gives this fascinating lecture on Hollywood and hyper-reality. Recently Robbie blogged on the poor quality of abduction-themed movies, which I would argue is a comment on the state of Hollywood and our general culture as much as anything. I would recommend Dark Skies- the movie, not the series- as a good example of an abduction film done right. With so much of this material, I found a plethora a personal synchronicities with the film, some of which helped to confirm some (not explicity-alien) connections from my past.

Sit back and enjoy this very articulate speaker.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Future Shock!

A Secret Sun reader pointed this out to me, commenting on how little has changed in the forty-plus years since this documentary was made (1972 is the date of release). I was a bit stunned to see those ridiculous promises of IQ pills that we still today being bandied about in the documentary. We seem to be stuck in an endless early 70s tapeloop and can't seem to get out and I wonder if its because those were the glory days of the people currently in power.

As dated as much as this may seem in many ways (the sick cow synths on the soundtrack are especially grating)  its essential arguments are still valid. Interesting to see Toffler argue that some forms of technology should not be developed, which is blasphemy in many quarters today. 

As in the Depression, wild promises of a technoutopia were thrown in the public's face in the early 70s as they are today. But their effect seems to be wearing increasingly thin.