Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"The Fear of Forbidden Books"

A very interesting article by Scott Corrales. Check it out at Inexplicata: The Institute of Hispanic Ufology. A sample:

Blame H.P. Lovecraft for putting thoughts of the ultimate forbidden manuscript in the minds of all readers of the occult - reality and fiction. The Necronomicon, that powerful grimoire compiled by Abdul Alhazred "the mad Arab" and its subsequent alleged translations have transformed it into the holy grail of books on the occult, whose existence is believed by half the world and denied by the other. 
Curiously enough, such texts do exist - perhaps not all of them having the power to summon the Old Ones from their exile, but enough to bewitch humans throughout the ages. Did Johan Heiberg, a Danish scholar, come across one such text in the early 20th century?
In searching through a catalogue, Heiberg came across a book whose existence had been overlooked despite the two great sacks of the city of Constantinople. The manuscript was of an ostensibly religious nature, but the careful penmanship of some forgotten medieval scribe concealed odd mathematical signs, suggesting that the original had been erased over to make space for the new text. Careful study revealed that the underlying text was, in fact, an Aristotelian treatise on mechanics that had been lost since antiquity.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015